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Counterparty Credit Risk and CVA

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Counterparty credit risk/CVA continues to be one of the most important challenges in today’s financial markets, and risk calculation in most large bank financial statements.   This course is designed to empower individuals to understand what these calculations mean, interpret them for financial analysis, and identify, quantify, understand and mitigate counterparty credit risk arising from derivatives across the major asset classes.

An intuitive non-quantitative approach will be employed throughout so that participants develop a feel for risk/reward tradeoffs without relying on complex mathematical formulas. Having said that, participants should bring a financial calculator, and are encouraged to bring laptops with Excel for a chance to manipulate a simple but illustrative CVA calculation.

Who should take this course? 

  • Bankers, Relationship Managers, Financial Advisors, and Product Specialists
  • Traders, Dealing Room Staff, and Sales Executives
  • Risk Managers, Quantitative Analysts, and Economists
  • Investors, Fund Managers and Investment Analysts
  • Front Office, Middle Office and Back Office Staff
  • Bank and Securities Lawyers, Accountants, Tax Attorneys and other Service Providers
  • Compliance Officers, Due Diligence Experts, Auditors and Product Controllers
  • Securities Regulators, Legislators, and Associated Staff